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This package that consists of the most popular trips in our area, and the most flexible holiday you will find. You will take part in two northern lights trips, one scenic fjord adventure by car, one whale/RIB-trip, or other trips you prefer, and will get 50 % off on all other available tours conducted by us.

Can get as many nights you want / 1st September to end March / NOK 6,698 (around EUR 704) for 4 trips

Join us for an epic adventure in search of the northern lights, with up to 14 guests. You will discover that Tromso is one the best cities in the world to chase the northern lights from, and the silent dancing in the skies will make you shout or cry out in cheer joy.

1 day / 1st September to mid April / NOK 1,600 (around EUR 168)

Our 2 day Northern Lights Tour will give you a good chance of seeing the northern lights in one of the most unique Arctic environments in the world. With up to 14 guests.

2 days / 1st September to mid April / NOK 3,000 (around EUR 315)

Come face-to-face with the most beautiful wonder of all time, with up to 14 guests. Our flagship northern lights holidays allows our guests to travel in a small group to search for the northern lights for 3 days, increasing your chance to get a glimpse of the northern lights.

3 days / 1st September to mid April / NOK 4,200 (around EUR 442)

Join us on the most popular type of nature experiences on the planet, Whale Watching. In a small personal group (up to 12 guests) we will show you why Troms county is very likely one of the best places in the world to see whales. Their swimming, hunting and playing in our fjord can be a memory for life.

1 day / Oct 25th to Feb 10th / NOK 2,500 (around EUR 263)

Comfortable fjord excursion with up to 14 guests in a small group. We will take you to breathtaking fjord landscapes. This is among the wildest and most beautiful nature experiences you can find. There is a chance if seeing whales, seals, reindeer, and sea eagles.

1 day / Sept 1st - April 15th / NOK 1,350 (around EUR 142)

Exciting boat/RIB cruise tour! We will take you to breathtaking landscapes, with mountains, beaches, island and more. This is among the wildest and most beautiful nature experiences you can find. Up to 12 guests, but we can take bigger groups on request.

1 day / Sept 05th - April 15th / NOK 1,450 (around EUR 152)

A wounderful dog sledding trip in Arctic Tromso. A suitable trip to take part in while waiting for your northern lights trip in the evening. Enough rest between daytrips and evening trips.

1 day / 15th November to end March / NOK 1,895 (around EUR 199)

Svalbard, the Galapagos of the north when it comes to the amount of wildlife all over, is a place of Arctic legends, amazing stories, and wildlife like you have never seen before. Svalbard is isolated, mysterious and a place you must see. Join us on this wonderful boat trip to the northernmost active community in the world, Ny-Alesund.

1 day / 15th May to 15th September / NOK 4,490 (around EUR 472)

Join us on this wonderful trip to one of the most remote places on earth, to the kingdom of the polar bear, the Arctic island of Svalbard. The Arctic landscapes, and all the wild animals you will encounter on this 10 days sailing expedition, will give you stories to tell for decades.

10 days / May to late August / NOK 44,000 (around EUR 4,627)