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Join us for an epic adventure in search of the northern lights, with up to 16 guests. You will discover that Tromso is one the best cities in the world to chase the northern lights from, and the silent dancing in the skies will make you shout or cry out in cheer joy.

1 day / Sept 15th to March 31st / NOK 1,750 (around EUR 184)

Our 2 day Northern Lights Tour will give you a good chance of seeing the northern lights in one of the most unique Arctic environments in the world. With up to 16 guests.

2 days / Sept 15th to March 31st / NOK 3,400 (around EUR 358)

Join us for a wonderful 3 days northern lights holiday in search of the northern lights, with up to 16 guests. A very popular tour that gives you great chances to see the wouderful northern lights dance above you.

3 days / Sept 15th to March 31st / NOK 5,050 (around EUR 531)

A very popular budget tour in which we only focus only on what really matters to most, which is to search for the northern lights, find the most scenic location possible, and to capture breathtaking moments with our camera. Up to 55 persons.


1 day / Nov 1st to March 31st / NOK 950 (around EUR 100)

Join our Whale Watching RIB Tour, which is one the most popular type of nature experiences on the planet. In a small personal group up to 12 guests will we show you why Troms county is very likely one of the best places in the world to see whales. Their swimming, hunting and playing in our fjord can be a memory for life.

1 day / Nov 1st to Jan 31st / NOK 2,900 (around EUR 305)

This is our cheapest whale watching tour. The only difference from our other tours is that you must meet in Skjervoy, instead of Tromso like on the other whale tours. You can rent a car and drive to Skjervoy, or you can do the transfer by boat or bus. This world-class whale experience will give you memories that will last a lifetlime.

1 day / Nov 1st to Jan 31st / NOK 2,400 (around EUR 252)

Comfortable fjord excursion with up to 16 guests in a small group. We will take you to breathtaking fjord landscapes. This is among the wildest and most beautiful nature experiences you can find. There is a chance of seeing whales, seals, reindeer, and sea eagles.

1 day / Sept 15th to March 31st / NOK 1,350 (around EUR 142)

Join our flagship adventure package in search of the northern lights for two days, one day at sea with the giant whales, and one day in our breathtaking fjord landscapes.

1 day / November 1st to January 31st / NOK 7,650 (around EUR 804)