For all

Arctic Explorers have trips for everyone, regardless of age, shape, and level of knowledge. All our adventures are custom made to give you a memorable experience.

Exclusive tours

We will take you with us to the most beautiful places in the north. If you want to be part of mass tourism, there are others to join. With us you will find small groups, passionate people, wild nature, and an adventure you will remember.

Northern lights trips or other unique trips

Join us for the northern lights chase, fjord excursion, whale watching, fjord cruise, or other wilderness experiences. We will take you to places you`ll never find on your own. Places that make an impression.

Wnat to experience something you most likely have never experienced before? Whale watching, getting up close with Orcas and Humpbacks, northern lights, witnessing the planets maybe most extraordinary phenomenon, and enjoy our Instagram-friendly fjord adventures on the package adventure to remember for a lifetime.

A world-class search for the Northern Lights, that will give you a story to tell as long as you live. This dancing wonder of nature is the wildest, most fascinating, and most breathtaking phenomenon you`ll ever see!

Join Arctic Explorers small group Whale Watching Trip, to see what is maybe the most fascinating animals on our planet. Scientists says the whale activity in our fjord are unique, and that there are only a few similar places on the planet, so this is a trip you can not miss. Our Whale Watching Trips are between appr. Nov 1st and Jan 28th.

This is a trip where we have collected the best of the best in landscapes, and other exciting experiences. This trip will show you our many treasures along the coast. We will look for wildlife at different places, watching how people live along the coast, and have a good time. We show you places you will have trouble finding on your own.