Northern Lights Holidays in Norway

World-class Northern Lights, Norway

Join Arctic Explorers world class search for the northern lights, to see the most fascinating phenomena ever seen by man. Our northern lights adventures run from Tromso, Norway, and offers an exciting chase for the northern lights. We will search for clear skies, maybe make a campfire, eat traditional norwegian food, and enjoy the great outdoors, while the northern lights are dancing above us.

Ideal location for Northern Lights

Our northern lights holidays takes place in Lapland, in the middle of the northern lights belt. Tromso can offer some of the highest levels of northern lights activity on earth. Tromso city is situated among islands, breathtaking fjord landscapes and dramatic mountain peaks. Perhaps Tromso is the world's best place for a Northern Lights Holiday – especially if you also enjoy city life.

The Northern Lights in Lapland

The northern lights in Norway, also known as Aurora Borealis in the northern latitudes, is named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas. The northern lights often lights up the night sky in Lapland in a way that can be described as an undulating sea of bright red, purple, green and white.

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Join us for an epic adventure in search of the northern lights, with up to 14 guests. You will discover that Tromso is one the best cities in the world to chase the northern lights from, and the silent dancing in the skies will make you shout or cry out in cheer joy.

1 day / 11th October to mid April / Low season NOK 1,350 (around EUR 142) - High season NOK 1,750 (around EUR 184)

Our 2 day Northern Lights Tour will give you a good chance of seeing the northern lights in one of the most unique Arctic environments in the world. With up to 14 guests.

1 day / 11th October to mid April / Low season NOK 2,590 (around EUR 272) - High season NOK 3,400 (around EUR 358)

Join us for a wonderful 3 days northern lights holiday in search of the northern lights, with up to 14 guests. A very popular tour that gives you great chances to see the wouderful northern lights dance above you.

1 day / 11th October to mid April / Low season NOK 3,490 (around EUR 367) - High season NOK 4,950 (around EUR 521)

Our flagship northern lights adventures increases you chances to see great lights. If you wanna see strong and wonderful lights, you will normally need many days to wait out the less good days. With our 4 days tour you have done all you can; the rest is up to nature.

1 day / 11th October to mid April / Low season NOK 4,390 (around EUR 462) - High season NOK 6,500 (around EUR 683)

If you want a private tour, and can drive yourself with a rental car, then you need this package. Self drive package allows you to be warm all night, to be in the right place with highest chances for clear skies, and to be able to sit outside for hours on a reindeer skin.

1 day / 1st September to mid April / NOK 500 (around EUR 53)