Northern Lights Tour - 2 days


2 single nights on a Northern Lights Tour


20 % off on all lights bookings, and 10 % off on all whale bookings created this month, and full refund will be given if you cancel latest 5 days before the tour.

Located in the middle of the northern lights belt, Tromso can offer some of the highest levels of northern lights activity on earth. Tromso city is situated among islands, breathtaking fjord landscapes and dramatic mountain peaks. Perhaps Tromso is the world's best place for a Northern Lights Tour – especially if you also enjoy city life.

Join one of our Northern Lights Tours this winter. It could become one of your greatest experiences. With two nights you have a fair chance of seeing the lights! You will take part in a search for Aurora Borealis through some of the most staggering landscapes in the Arctic.

97 % happy guests and more than 1800 excellent reviews! We are also included in the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame - having been awarded Certificate of Excellence 7 years in a row.

This is an intense and exciting chase – to the coast, to inland Norway, or perhaps even deep into Finland. We do all we can to crown your Northern Lights Trip with a sight to remember forever.

Included is most of what you need on a Northern Lights Trip. You can save a lot of money not buying expensive winter clothes, and more you don't need back home.

After spending 30 years exploring this amazing county by car, skis, sea kayak, cycling, and walking, we know where and how to place you in the middle of the greatest show on earth. We bring you to the right spot at the right time.

We offer ecologically sustainable and responsible tours. Travelling in small groups is an essential part of the ecotourism concept, as small groups have lesser impact on nature and will not disturb the wildlife unnecessarily.

Our Northern Lights Tour are approved by the official Tromso tourist company, Visit Tromso, as well as the official travel company to Norway, Visit Norway. And don't forget to see what our visitors say about our tours!

DESTINATION: Troms county, Norway.



WHEN: 1st October until mid April, on request.

PRICE: Normal NOK 3,500 (around EUR 368), but now NOK 2,800 (around EUR 294) which is 20 % off.

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Stay calm! If you decide to cancel your tour, you will not loose your deposit. Whenever you want to reschedule an adventure with us, your deposit stays the same. We call it Life Lasting Deposit. Read more about it here.

Normally at 17:30 in the city center, but it can also be other times. The booking process will show you available times.

In the city center, earliest at 12 to 01 am, but normally at 02-03 am.

Normally up to 12 guests per group, but we can sometimes have up to 15 guests. A small group allows more freedom in terms of chasing the northern lights. But we can take bigger private groups on request.

- Warm expediton thermal suit (You will love it!)
- Warm winter shoes (Only adults)
- Pictures taken and sent to you
- Transportation
- A warm expedition meal
- Hot drinks
- Head torch
- Water

- Warm undergarment, preferably wool. (Cotton is not recommended)
- Either a thick sweater, a very small down jacket, or similar. (An important mid-layer)
- A scarf or similar
- Warm and windproof mittens (Do not wear gloves, since the fingers are separated and get cold)
- A warm and windproof hat
- Wool socks (Do not wear cotton socks)
- Tripod, if you plan to take pictures of the lights


Each day, just before departure, we contact meteorologists at the official weather station to get accurate information, in order to know where we will have best chances to see the northern lights.

We know people all around the county. They are important in our search for clear skies. We also use webcams, weather satellites, other tour operators, and all our cars in different places have contact with each other.

All our guides are skilled photographers. After taking several thousand pictures of the lights, we know how to get the best pictures. We send you all pictures we take on the tour, also with you in the foreground.

All our drivers and very skilled in driving on winter roads.

To keep the energy up and avoid getting cold, we serve warm high energy expedition food. Eat well before the tour, since we some times eat late because of a long drive for clear skies. We also have food for vegetarians.

We have not heard anything bad about any hotels here, so all are recommended. You can book hotels on our front page.

Articles about the Aurora and the Geomagnetic Field

See this video about Northern Lights Tours with Arctic Explorers:

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? Join us now for a trip of a lifetime!

Posted by Arctic Explorers Norway on 16. august 2016

If you can't see this video, perhaps related to your web browser, the same video can be viewed on Youtube.

See also this video from an expedition trip with Arctic Explorers:


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