Reviews from our customers

“Top Notch”

Can't say enough! What a supreme bunch of people. Always with the guest in mind - and none of the tours disappoint! 2 Northern Lights tours (Maffy & Richard) both delivered beyond excellence in the service - knowledge and delivery of the goal! Even had a Finish Fox ("Fjordie") as a surprise guest!

Fjord Boat Cruise with Leonardo and Capt H tremendous! Well done all!

Øystein - you should be proud of your staff!
Go Team Richard!

Visited March 2016


“Company with a passion”

I took two tours with Arctic Explorers and although had no luck with the northern light, I still had great experience with them. The first four was a fjordtour with Luis and we had wonderful weather throughout the day and saw incredible scenery. What's more, we even encountered some humpback whales, although officially their season is over. We got really close to these magnificent creatures and could take wonderful photos.
The following evening I went out on a northern light tour with Duncan and unfortuantely it was all snowy and cloudy. Our guide did this best to spot some lights for us and we had a glimpse despite the clouds. Everything is just so perfectly organized: warm gear, small group, campfire, but the best of all is that you can feel, everybody is truly passionate about their work to show us the best of the area.

Visited February 2016


“Nothing short of amazing!”

We booked 4 nights of Northern Light Tours and Fjord Excursion with Arctic Explorers. Had great fun, we were well taken care of by the guides, whom were all knowledgeable about the lights. The guides have great photography skills as well. Not to mention that we were blessed and managed to see the lights on all 4 nights.

Visited March 2016


“Deserves more than 5 out of 5”

Cannot praise this company enough. They are a fully professional outfit when it comes to searching for the northern lights. Everything was organised smoothly from the booking process too the pick up to the trip itself. We were picked up right on time from our hotel by a very polite and friendly guide who on the drive to the warehouse gave us a great insight into what the plans were for the evening and the likelihood of us seeing the lights. We were then at the warehouse and given warm clothing for the evening and given a briefing as to where we would be heading.

Despite snowfall all day we were treated too a beautiful display of the lights at the side of the road on our way to our guides favourite spot. Our guide was Stef, she was passionate, helpful and enthusiastic. She set everybody's cameras up to give optimal chance of great photos, she was very informative and made the evening a complete blast. Once at her favourite spot which is a beautiful spot consisting of a frozen lake and stunning mountain we set up a campfire, had food and toasted marshmallows and sat around the fire talking. And despite only a faint showing of the lights whilst here the time flew. The small groups really allow an intimate experience and we had an amazing evening, so thanks to Arctic explorers and Stef.

Visited February 2016


“Best Experience Ever!”

I did several excursions with Arctic Explorers on my vacation to Tromso in January and I'm so glad I did! My cousin and I had an absolute blast on all the excursions; we did 3 nights of northern lights chasing, whale watching and the day time fjord excursion. What I liked most about Arctic Explorers is the small group sizes, they only go out with 8 guests plus one guide so everyone gets individual attention and conversations aren't just one sided. All the guides are extremely knowledgeable about the area and are enthusiastic to tell you what they know. Being with a small group is especially great when northern light chasing, because it means you can go farther distances in the 9 passenger van rather than a big tour bus and you can stay out later too.

My cousin and I went on a few other excursions from other company's and while they were great and we had fun, Arctic Explorers was much better with guides, the size of the group, and especially important in the winter the quality of warm winter gear that they provide. Arctic Explorers gives you warm expedition suits (the other excursions we went on had expedition suits as well but were much thinner and less warm), wool mittens, boots, and hats. If you are thinking about doing any outdoor adventures in Tromso, you can't go wrong with Arctic Explorers! And the best part of Arctic Explorers is that there guides take pictures on all of there excursions and email them to you about 2 days later, so if you don't have a dslr to take photos of the northern lights it's okay because they will take them for you, or if you are an amateur photographer (me) they will help you find all the settings on your camera so that you can take pictures of the northern lights!

Visited January 2016



We were picked up at our hotel around 6PM by Matt & Julian. The weather had been snowing for 4 days so we did not have very high expectations of seeing any lights but since it was our last night before returning home, we decided to keep our reservations. Our guides decided to head north since the meterologist report was telling them there was a good chance of activity there. We stopped off and put on some polar suites and boots and by 8PM, we were in the middle of seeing the best light show of our lives. The lights went crazy with bright green and purple shapes. Our group of 7 eventually layed out on our backs on the ground until after midnight with non-stop lights action. At midnight the lights stopped and our guides made a campfire and we had dinner and hot drinks. Around 45 minutes later, the lights started up again and went crazy in the very center of the sky....straight up. It was if we were looking through a kaleidescope. Everyone was oooohing and awwwwhing for another half hour.

To say the least, our group had a magnificent time. Our guides went out of their way to chase the lights, feed us a warm dinner, make sure we were warm and comfortable in -17 degrees.......the whole experience with Arctic Explorers was a life-time memory that I will remember when I am 100!

Visited February 2013


“Arctic explorers - exactly what it says on the tin!”

Arctic explorers really made my trip to Tromso incredible.

My husband had booked the trip with Arctic Explorers (AE) and i can tell you it was amazing. What a way to experience the lights! It was such a personalised tour and the guides are well equipped to find the best spot for the Northern Lights.

The tour we went on was such a great experience. Matt and Julian were our guides on the evening, we were taken to a spot north of Tromso which was completely sheltered from the wind (and it was a very windy evening). It wasn't a particularly cold evening (0 degrees!) but the suits and boots provided by AE were very welcome and meant we could stay out as long as needed.

The lights put on a show (albeit not as great as it would have been had it not been so cloudy). The 'show' lasted around 1 hour and the guides were providing us with camera tips. Both guides were knowledgeable and checked the solar activity throughout the evening to ensure we would be in the best possible spot.

The small group of around 8 on our tour was ideal. Everyone on our group was really friendly despite there being various age groups. When the lights came out there was a real sense of excitement and it was great to share the experience with everyone - it was a really special moment.

I would definitely recommend this trip, it's expensive but very well worth it - you will not be disappointed!

Visited March 2013


“A role model for excellent service!”

Since another guy already summed up perfectly (the review from 22/3/13: “Arctic Explorers - for people that have done their homework!") the experience we too had with Arctic Explorers, I'll just add one more episode:

Our guide - Matt - took us to a carefully-picked spot on the beach of a remote fjord. After he parked the van we walked 5 minutes down a snowy hill and then 15 more minutes on a rocky beach.

After 2 hours of an amazing show the aurora stopped, and my wife (who wasn't feeling so well) wanted to return to the van. So we left the group and went back. Once again 15 minutes on that hard-to-step rocky beach, and then 10 minutes (when it's uphill it takes longer) on the deep snow covered hill.

30 minutes later Matt suddenly showed up. He ran all the way back to us in the van just to inform us that another aurora show just started on the beach!

So maybe you'll find in Tromso a company with better service, but I strongly doubt it...

Visited March 2013


“Memorable for all the right reasons”

Based on other peoples reviews we chose this company. Having wanted to see the Northern lights for many, many years I was very keen for the night to be a success. I had been told by many locals that the chances of seeing the lights at this time were minimal. I chose to use this company because they seemed more determined than others to search and locate the right place at the right time to see the lights.

The tour guide, Matt, was an Australian but was very knowledgable about the lights, where to find them and also how best to photograph them. We did see some excellent light displays and we did venture far into Finland. The service was brilliant. We were provided with very good protective clothing, tripod for the camera, good food and helpful advice.

The information they based their travel plans on was constantly updated during the evening and morning. They handled the icy roads safely and made the whole experience a true highlight of our trip to Norway. Highly recommended!

Visited March 2013


“Beyond words”

This was an amazing experience for my friends and me. I'm still overwhelmed. We had three nights of aurora-chasing with Simon, who was fabulous. He was professional, found the best places to set up camp, took wonderful care of us, and WOULD NOT STOP until we found a clear sky and got to see the lights. I loved it so much, I'm planning to go back and do it again!

I have only the highest praise for this organization. We were lucky with regard to the quality of the Lights we saw, but we were also lucky to find this group of crazy people who will go to any length to share an incredible phenomenon with their clients, including driving 3 hours one way through rain and blizzard to find the clear skies in Finland. What an experience it was. If you want to see the Northern Lights, go to Tromsö and book with Arctic Explorers. They're the best!

Visited February 2013