Sailboat rental in Norway and Svalbard


Sailboat rental in Norway and Svalbard

Our Garcia Exploration 45 sailboat is our great pride. With it, there are few, if any, boundaries left in the Arctic. It is perfect for Arctic research, exploration, skiing, birdwatching, and more, for up to 8 persons.

This is the world’s best sailboat for arctic adventures. The Garcia is an experience in itself. It is the Ultimate Global Cruiser. It is Jimmy Cornell’s Ideal Boat, the winner of Best Boat 2015 in Sail Magazine and Boat of the Year 2015 by Cruising World.

The Boat
To quote the maker: “I promise you will be able to sail this boat anywhere in the world.” Period. Jimmy Cornell is the founder of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, the World Cruising Club, the Blue Planet Odyssey, the Atlantic Odyssey and more. He has cruised an overwhelming 200.000 miles of ocean. The particular boat we sail is the most loved item of the inventor. We bought it from him personally. It is the Aventura IV.

According to Sailing Today, the boat “bears no relation to the average white blobs that crowd today’s boat shows, marinas and charter fleets.” The Aventura IV was built in 2014 and is already an icon. You will sail the first born baby of Cornell’s relationship with the custom boat builder Garcia, representing top of the range of French yachting industry.


  • Compared to larger vessels or sail ships, or even regular sail boats of same size, you get closer to all objects – the boat’s draft is only 1 meter with the keel up (3 meters with the keel down).
  • Extreme view in all directions from inside the spacious cabin. No other arctic tourist boat we know can offer this!
  • Far better comfort than most sailboats same size. For example, the cabin is almost on same level as cockpit, making contact easy and access effortless. The 75 mm thick foam insulation brings temperature stability.
  • Real sailing opportunity – a real explorer’s boat. The boat really sails very well, compared to a Bavaria or similar.
  • With the strong aluminum hull, this is a very safe boat compared to all fiberglass boats.

Price expectations
The boat costs more than 1 million Euros – at least three times average price of boats, same size, sailing the Arctic. We don't charge three times the rental price of other same sized boats, but please don't expect the same price as for some Bavaria or similar.

If you want to rent the boat on Svalbard or in northern Norway, without skipper, just let us know. It might be available. We will require documentation that you have at least one experienced sailor with you.

WHEN: Can be rented in April and May in Northern Norway, and from May to September in Svalbard.

PRICE: On request. Minimum 7 days.


  • Boat fully equipped for Arctic sailing
  • Small tenderboat
  • Bed linings
  • Towels
  • Gas for cooking
  • Plates, glasses, cutlery, pots and pans, etc.
  • Rifle (Only Svalbard)
  • Flairgun (Only Svalbard)


  • Food
  • Fuel
  • SAR insurance (search and rescue insurance) for the area you want to visit (Only Svalbard)

It is one of the safest sailboats on the planet. it is truly a unique boat, that was built in 2014. It is as safe as possible, in aluminium, with watertight front and aft bulkhead, and with a watertight companionway door.

It has an Integral aluminium centreboard, which gives us the possibility to sail where others can not sail, because the draft is only 1,14 meters when lifted.

The worlds most famous sailor, Jimmy Cornell, had this kind of boat built in cooperation with Garcia Yachting, since he wanted the safest and best possible boat for extreme Arctic sailing.

Cornell have even sailed a boat like this through the Northwest Passage. It passed with flying colors. A boat that can sail there, can sail anywhere.


Garcia Yachting - guided tour in English


-    Integral aluminium centreboard
-    Deck salon with 270° visibility and inside steering position
-    Watertight companionway door
-    Watertight front bulkhead
-    Watertight aft bulkhead with watertight hatches to access the stern compartments from the aft cabins
-    All through-hull fittings made of welded aluminium - All valves positioned above sea level
-    Double glazed salon windows, one opening above the galley
-    Coachroof extends beyond windows and acts as an awning to prevent greenhouse effect due to sun
-    Thermal/acoustic insulation above waterline, automotive-grade polyethylene foam panels (77mm hull, 37mm deck)
-    Insulated floor (thick foam core)
-    Chain locker centrally positioned at foot of mast. Electric windlass in locker below deck just ahead of mast.
-    Centrally located large capacity tanks - Water and fuel tanks can be ballasted port / starboard
-    Centrally located service battery set
-    Generous stowage space available throughout the boat
-    Forefoot chainplate for towing  and ice breaking
-    Integrated aft arch for electronics, wind generator, solar panels and use as davits
-    2 rudder configuration JEFA self-aligning bearings to ensure optimal control in heavy seas
-    Large aft platform with easy access to / from the water
-    Liferaft stowage in locker accessible for launch from aft platform
-    Essential lines controlled from the cockpit

25 % paid when you book. The rest, 75 %, will be paid 4 months before the trip. We need this arrangement because it would be challenging for us to receive last minute cancellations for the whole boat.

You will receive a 90 % refund if you cancel 4 months or more before the rental. If we find others, you will also receive 90 % refund if you cancel less than 4 months before the trip.

If we do not find others, and you cancel less than 4 months before, we will keep 50 %, as a life lasting deposit. We normally find others, so this has never happened before, and will most likely not happen.

If you decide to cancel your rental, you will not loose your deposit. Whenever you want to reschedule an adventure with us, your deposit stays the same. We call it Life Lasting Deposit. Read more about it here.

- Winner
Cruising World’s 2015 Boat of the Year
- Winner Sail Magazine Best Boat 2015

This sailboat rental can be booked on our webpage, after you have mailed us first.

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