Snow Mobile


Snow Mobile Tour in Tromso - Daytime or evening


10 % September discount on all snow mobile tours that are booked now.


Interested in a classical winter experience? Try our Snow Mobile Tour in Tromso area. You will get your own snow mobile, and a stunning trip through our wonderful winter wonderland.

This trip is conducted by one of the other quality tour operators we have here, not by us. Let us know in the booking comments if you want daytime snow mobile or evening snow mobile.

The trip is confirmed when you receive pick up mail from us. Even if you can book a date on our web page, it does not necessarily mean that it is available. We must check this with our partners first, and then we confirm it to you.

DURATION: 4-7 hours total, incl. transport, dressing, instructions, etc

WHERE TO MEET: Central Tromso area. We will mail you the details.

Around 09 am for daytime snow mobile, and around 17 for evening snow mobile. We have various pick up times. Pick up times will be sent after booking.

- All trips includes instructions
- warm drinks/snacks
- a lovely car trip to get to the camp.
- Your own snow mobile (2 persons pr snow mobile)
- Guide that follows you and look after you and the snow mobile
- Warm thermal suits if needed

- warm clothes to have under the suit
- a hat
 - a good quality wool base layer with a woollen jumper or fleece.
- goggles if it is snowing
- sunglasses and sunscreen if it is sunny


We offer ecologically sustainable and responsible tours. Travelling in small groups is an essential part of the ecotourism concept, as small groups have lesser impact on nature and will not disturb the wildlife unnecessarily.

Our trips are approved by the official Tromso tourist company, Visit Tromso, as well as the official travel company to Norway, Visit Norway. And don't forget to see what our visitors say about our trips!

DESTINATION: Troms county, Norway.



GROUP SIZE: Up to 14 guests pr tour.

WHEN: 15th December to end April, on request. Can be other star date if snow comes earlier or later.

NOK 1,900 (around EUR 200) per person. Now in September is this tour discounted 10 % to NOK 1,710 (around EUR 180)

NOK 950 per child (5-12 years)

GROUP DISCOUNT: If 4 or more persons books, we ad 10 % discount to the current discounted price. Not valid when tour is already discounted 10 %.

LIFE LASTING DEPOSIT NOT VALID ON THIS TRIP: Because it is counducted by other companies

HOTELS: We show you which hotels we recommend in the booking process.

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Snow Mobile
Snow Mobile
Snow Mobile

Snow Mobile
Snow Mobile
Snow Mobile
Snow Mobile
Snow Mobile

Snow Mobile

Snow Mobile

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