Whale Watching RIB Tour


Whale Watching RIB Tour


Located next to a sea "boiling" with whales, Tromso City offers you in winter the opportunity to see these enormous animals. Norway is chosen by Humpback Whales and Killer Whales for the vast supply of fish and clean water. Do you remember Keiko from Free Willy? He chose Norwegian fjords the last years he lived.

Whale watching should be experienced in The Capital of the Arctic in The Kingdom of Norway – in breathtaking fjord landscapes second to none. Scientists have never seen such high whale activity in the fjords as the recent years. Arctic Explorers offers you an exclusive experience in a small group and with the highest quality equipment. We want to give you only the best!

This trip is conducted by us, or by one of the other quality tour operators we have here. We will choose the best tour available if our tour is full. This trip is confirmed when we have sent you a pick up mail.

#1 of 24 Whale Watching Tours in Tromso area on Tripadvisor pr. Aug 15th 2019.

97 % happy guests and more than 1800 excellent reviews! We are also included in the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame - having been awarded Certificate of Excellence 7 years in a row.

- 360 degrees view, and all see well from the seat in all directions, instead of 5th row bad view in a bigger boat
- Small boats can turn engines off. Then whales often comes 2 m away to check us out. A big boat can not do that
- 2-3 times quicker than a big boat, so less time to search for whales, and more time to be around them
- Whale RIB tours have 3 hours in whale area, while big boats doing long drives from Tromso have around 1 h
- RIB boats are lower than big boats, so you get closer to the ocean and the whales
- More connected to nature, since outdoors all the time. Means you do not miss any of the precious moments
- RIB boats are located where the whales are, which gives 3 times more whale area time compared to big boats
- More personal because only 12 guests pr boat

Only 12 seats on this tour pr day, so you should book early. It is often sold out months ahead, especially weekends. We can take bigger groups omn demand.

We include most of what you need on a Whale Watching Trip. You can save a lot of money since you do not need to buy expensive winter clothes and more you maybe don't even need back home.

After spending 30 years exploring this amazing county by car, skis, sea kayak, cycling, and walking, we know where and how to place you in the middle of the greatest show on earth. We bring you to the right spot at the right time.

We offer ecologically sustainable and responsible tours. Travelling in small groups is an essential part of the ecotourism concept, as small groups have lesser impact on nature and will not disturb the wildlife unnecessarily. 

Our Whale Watching RIB Tours are approved by the official Tromso tourist company, Visit Tromso, as well as the official travel company to Norway, Visit Norway.

DESTINATION: Troms county, Norway



AGE AND HEIGHT: No minimum age, but everyone joining needs to be minimum 140 cm tall.

WHEN: Between Nov 1st to Jan 31st.

PRICE: NOK 2,900 (around EUR 305)

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If you decide to cancel your trip, you will not lose your deposit. Whenever you want to reschedule an adventure with us, your deposit stays the same. We call it Life Lasting Deposit. Read more about it here.

The trip will take around 12 h. incl. driving a bus to the boat 4 h, and 4 h back. This is not fixed. Pick up will be later and the car driving time will be shorter, if they whales come closer this season.

PICK-UP: At 05:30 am at Scandic Ishavshotel. We have to start early since it is a long drive.

Usually around 6 pm in the city center, depending on weather conditions and daylight. Can be earlier if whales appear closer to Tromso. Can be later, if difficult driving conditions.

Small group up to 12 guests in boat, which allows more freedom, and gives a more personal experience. Can be more in the vehicle from Tromsø to Skjervøy.

Transfer is with up to 59 persons in a big bus. It is more eco friendly to drive together with other companies in one vehicle, instead of separate in five vehicles.

- Transport to the boat
- Lunch
- Warm drinks
- Warm boots
- Flotation suit (Adults only)
- Hats
- Balaclava
- Ski goggles

- Accommodation
- Flight
- Tripod for camera
- Pictures from the trip (We found out it was hard for the guide to get good pictures so we skipped it, since the best spots on the boat will be taken by the guests, partly blocking for the guide)
- Warm mittens (Do not wear gloves, since the fingers are separated and get cold.)
- Wool socks (Do not wear cotton socks!)

If the participant has any disease or any health conditions that in any way can influence the trip, the participant is obliged to inform the guide. The trip is not recommended for pregnant women or persons suffering from back pain or neck pain.

We cannot guarantee the weather. The coastal weather in the northern parts of Norway is fascinating, as we can sometimes experience the different weather conditions of a whole year during one day.

All our skippers have years of experience, expensive certificates, and extensive safety training. They are professional skippers/guides that have the proper boat licenses, knowledge, education, passion, and personality.

We follow all whale watching guidelines set by scientists. Our skippers have participated in a whale watching course, to learn how to guide this trip on team with the whales.

There is mostly plenty of daylight in the dark season, although you might be rewarded with northern lights at daytime. Apart from northern lights the unique dark season colors in the sky is also a memorable experience, seen from the water.

You will experience a comfortable and exciting Whale Watching Cruise. We can of course not guarantee you a whale sighting, but you don't need much luck, as we almost always spot whales.

These are wild animals that do as they please, but we will do our very best to crown your trip with the sight of these enormous animals.

Yes, but it will be a long day with no rest between the tours. But you can rest on the bus when driving home from whales.

Some nights we chase the lights deep into Finland, far away from Tromsø. This means late in bed, often around 02-04 am. Whale Watching needs to start early. So please avoid having whale watching the day after a northern lights chase.

We have not heard anything bad about any hotels here, so all are recommended. You can book hotels on our front page.


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Foto: Trond Østvang – ostvangsperspektiv@gmail.com
Foto: Trond Østvang – ostvangsperspektiv@gmail.com
Whale watching. Foto: Trond Østvang – ostvangsperspektiv@gmail.com
Whale watching. Foto: Trond Østvang – ostvangsperspektiv@gmail.com
Whale watching. Foto: Trond Østvang – ostvangsperspektiv@gmail.com

Whale watching. Photo: Bart van Meele
Whale watching
Whale watching
Whale watching
Whale watching

Whale watching
Whale watching

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